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Most Amazing Sighting Of A UFO Encounter Happened at Little Fox Lake, Yukon On March 30, 2000.


There have been many close experiences with UFOs in the Yukon however it is not frequently that we get a report like this so not long after it happens. The witnesses were met around 15 hours after their experience. They were still in a condition of stun, sound, and earnest. For the individuals who question accounts this way, I just wish they could hear the witnesses direct. Their passionate state and what they needed to state has left a profound impact on me. Much obliged to FOX4 for telling us of this locating, leading the underlying meeting and for getting the witness drawing. Since this article has been distributed one of the witnesses has educated us that she wouldn't fret having her character uncovered. "I comprehend what I saw" Leah Isaac states, "and I was a doubter some time recently!" 

The Account: 

Leah Isaac, a companion of hers, and a young man (who was snoozing) were voyaging northbound along the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to the Village of Pelly Crossing, Yukon. The sky was clear with a shine of predawn blue. They were nearing the finish of Little Fox Lake and came around a sharp right-hand twist close to the base of a mountain. After turning out from the curve they couldn't trust their eyes! To one side and around 300 ft (90 meters) away was a 30 to 40ft (9 to12 meters) width saucer, drifting around 200 ft (60 meters) off the ground! They watched it to be stationary for 4 to 5 seconds as they were going along the expressway and after that it shot crosswise over on a level plane before their vehicle at a "mind boggling speed" and ceased in a split second on the left half of the street. "Nothing can move that quick", "in a matter of moments" the witnesses depicted. It stayed unmoving for just another brief moment and shot off considerably quicker in an alternate course (essentially playing out a 90-degree turn and shooting off behind them). One witness thought it went directly into the side of a mountain while the other thought it took after the bumpy horizon. "Gone ahead, floor it, floor it!" yelled the companion to Leah. They proceeded with northbound escaping from the area and in the long run pulled over around 20 minutes after the fact. They were both obviously shaking. "We were more terrified than energized, I might suspect on the off chance that it wasn't so close it would not have been so terrifying", "It resembles we got it off guard we came around the bend", "it was so best in class", "I'll never be the same" were a portion of the remarks by the witnesses. 

The witnesses got a decent take a gander at the saucer. It was an exemplary plate shape with a vault on top. The vault had two bended windows or lights from which a wonderful sea blue or water hued light was sparkling. The surface of the art was hard to portray. A portion of the words the witnesses utilized were "mirror, silver, translucent, glossy, smooth, mirroring the shade of the sky". It was just as the UFO was attempting to "cover against the foundation sky shading". "Had it been pitch pass out I don't think we would have seen the body of the art, simply the windows or lights" Leah commented. 

As the UFO streaked before their vehicle, the auto headlights diminished and their cassette player quit playing. They both needed to check the season of their locating. Nonetheless, Leah's battery-worked simple watch halted (at 5:00am) and the man's computerized watch went clear, and after that stalled out in "chrono mode" and wouldn't reset. A couple of miles not far off Leah tapped the substance of her watch and it began working once more. The man fiddled around pushing catches on his computerized watch and it began acting also, the time showed was 5:12 am. They checked the cassette player and by all signs, John Fogerty ought to have been playing without end. The tape hadn't run out, the volume was on, and the lights on the tape window showed that the power was on. Other than the underlying force deplete, no extra issues were noted with the truck. The man assumed that they figured out how to get the cassette player and watches working appropriately after they voyaged "two or three miles" past the UFO locating area. The lady assumed that around 5 minutes had slipped by when they figured out how to get their watches working and around 10 minutes until the cassette player began to work. Despite the fact that the witnesses were going in a vehicle, no clamor was heard radiating from the UFO. 

Overhauled Information: 

Leah Isaac was met in Whitehorse and was made a request to utilize reference objects (structures around her) to help give assessments of the nearest approach and size of the UFO. These separations were measured and the accompanying outcomes were resolved: At their nearest approach the UFO was around 27 meters (90 feet) away and around 10 meters (34 feet) in width. The geometry gives a review point of around 22 degrees of a bend. 

Encourage examination concerning this case is portrayed in the IUR Journal (International UFO Reporter) Summer 2000 issue Vol. 25. No. 2. by Mark Rodeghier* and Martin Jasek. 

*Mark Rodeghier is the logical executive of the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago. He has devoted his UFO studies to situations where there had been impedance with the vehicle's gadgets, for example, this one that happened at Little Fox Lake. To date he has classified exactly 500 such cases. He has the accompanying to include in regards to this case: 

"I am certainly intrigued by more data on this report, however much as could be expected, both on the grounds that it is a current case and in light of the fact that not very many vehicle obstruction reports have been considered inside and out some time recently. This is on the grounds that they have been so rare - just to some degree more than 500 have happened worldwide since 1947- - so any one agent may just observe maybe a couple reports in a lifetime of UFO examinations. I have actually examined just a single report, despite the fact that I have talked with the observers in around twelve different cases. 

I can reveal to you that this case fits an example I initially recognized around 20 years prior. That is, in most vehicle impedance reports, the UFO is circle formed, around 30 feet in size, and comes very near the witness. It frequently moves before the vehicle, as it did at Little Fox Lake. Most cases likewise happen in segregated areas. The shading blue is tranquil normal. It's astonishing to me to see this example rehashing here in the year 2000." 

Check Rodeghier and Martin Jasek keep on working on this case. Work incorporates acquiring the attractive mark of the vehicle to survey on the off chance that it had been charged. 

Extra Information: 

To help imagine the lighting conditions a cosmic reproduction program was utilized to verify that the sun was 11 degrees beneath the skyline amid the locating. It is hard to place this in context regarding the measure of time before dawn as the dawn rate changes fundamentally with scope and season. For the area and date being referred to, it was around 1 hour and 35 minutes before dawn. For various scopes comparable lighting conditions can be found at the accompanying circumstances before dawn or after dusk: 

For March 30: 

Equator (0 deg lat.): 42 minutes 

Los Angeles (34 deg lat.): 55 minutes 

Vancouver (49 deg lat.): 1 hour 05 minutes 

Little Fox Lake (61.5 deg lat.): 1 hour and 35 minutes 

For June 30: 

Equator (0 deg lat.): 45 minutes 

Los Angeles (34 deg lat.): 1 hour 05 minutes 

Vancouver (49 deg lat.): 1 hour 40 minutes 

Little Fox Lake (61.5 deg lat.): does not get sufficiently dim

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

1948 AZTEC New Mexico UFO crash, Video, UFO World Wide Web News.

On March 25, 1948, a UFO spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in a place called Aztec, New Mexico. Sixteen alien bodies were discovered dead inside. The alien bodies and all evidence of their spacecraft were soon transported by government officials to Wright Patterson Air force Base, where all traces of this event disappeared in secrecy--until now. This program documents the shocking facts around this disturbing mystery and includes interviews with leading UFO researchers, a walking tour of the crash site, a tour of the secret US radar station that tracked the UFO crash, and the story of an intensive government investigation into alien biology and extraterrestrial space technology. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ET Face Found In 3 @NASA Photos On Mars, Near Rover, Evidence Of Life, UFO Freaking Amazing Sighting News.

Date of sighting:  November 8, 2016
Location of sighting: 

I was looking at the NASA Curiosity Rover photos and found this face in one last night. Then this morning, I found two more of the same face. When you have one photo its nice, but when you have three, its 100% proof of something. 

This face is the side view of a intelligent species. How do we know its intelligent? It made this artwork or structure, so it has a high intelligence. 

Its eye really stands out thanks to the large eyebrows and forehead. The nose is long, but closer to the face. The checks are not fat, but seem muscular. The mouth has a smile on it...a grimace. The chin is strong and powerful. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

MASS UFO Sighting over COLORADO News Report April 2015, video, Colorado UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 31, 2015
Location of sighting: Berthoud, near Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

These interesting lights were recorded over Berthoud in Colorado. The lights move about and change. At one point they almost look like helicopters. With the high concentration of public drones available, its difficult to tell if this is a UFO or a drone. However, I want to remind you that thousand of people including police have recently seen glowing white balls of during the day (few months ago). So is probably those same ball UFOs, but at night. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Alien fish discovered on Mars in NASA photograph, Life on other worlds finally discovered!

Location of discovery: Mars, SOL 1290
Camera: Navcam, Right B, taken March 23, 2016, Received March 24, 2016.
Taken: 15:26:01 UTC

This fish was recently discovered in a Mars rover photograph. This is 100% proof at Alien life existed on the surface of Mars. Not only that but this fish means that any larger creatures on Mars could've use the space as their main source of food. So larger creatures could have existed on Mars. Let me tell you why NASA doesn't want to talk about this. NASA's main goal is to search for life in our solar system. If they happen to find that life their number one purpose for existing is gone. The funding for money and all the jobs going to NASA Will disappear. It's all about money. And NASA wants your money. And that is why the world will never hear about this petrifying fish 1 m long found on Mars.